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Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire

Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire

The Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire company is one of the leading independent suppliers of access power equipment in the UK. The company offers more than 60 different access and cherry lifts. The company offers various services including the sale and rental of cherry pickers. The company also offer training programs to professionals in the industry and they also have the UK's most effective truck mounted platform.

The Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire company has been in operation for over 15 years and quickly rose to great heights. They display leadership in power technology over the traditional scaffolding practices. The company works with customers to continuously improve their services and they also provide the training and services required to run equipment safely so the customers can focus on their jobs with confidence. The Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire company provides a one stop shop to all access power lift needs.

Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire Machines

The company offers a wide spectrum of equipment starting with truck mounted HGVs. They also offer self-driven platforms, rough terrain vehicles, road towable vehicles, self-propelled boom machines and scissor lifts.

Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire Costs

The company offers very competitive prices in sales and rentals. They deal with second hand machines and they offer an excellent price on new machinery too. The truck mount for instance has a used vehicle cost of around 60,000, the cost of a self-driven platform is 21,000 and the price of a new vehicle is dependent on the type of vehicle required. Rentals have similar competitive prices and you will be pushed to find a cheaper cherry picker rental company in the United Kingdom. Rental prices can be obtained through contacting the company directly for a free quote.

Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire Health and Safety

While handling heavy machines it is essential to adopt safety and precaution measures. IPAF is the highest standard of certification in the country and the Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire company offers IPAF certified courses which can be undertaken in one of their senior certification centres. The company also offer courses for operators of all types of access machinery including:
  • Safety harness training for different harnesses
  • Managerial training for MEWPS managers
  • MEWPSD assessment program
  • PASMA aluminium tower training
  • Ladder handling training.
The company are willing to alter the course modules to cater to your businesses individual needs. For more detailed information about the courses being offered and their certificates, refer to the company website.

Contacting the Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire Company

The company can be contacted by phone, visiting their website or in person at their office. Online, you can fill in a query form and they will get in touch with you as soon as they can. You can also keep up to date with the company using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For more information on the company, their machinery and any special offers you can refer to the Horizon Platforms Cherry Picker Hire company website.

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