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Smart Platform Cherry Picker Hire

Smart Platform Cherry Picker Hire

There are many different cherry picker hire companies in and around the United Kingdom, but Smart Platform cherry picker hire are the biggest and most popular firm. The company has various locations throughout both Birmingham and London and customers can find their local depots by accessing their website and using the map views. This will also provide directions to the local depot.

Why is the Smart Platform Cherry Picker Hire Company so Popular?

The Smart Platform cherry picker hire company is so popular for a number of reasons. The company began in 2002 and since that date has built up a great reputation and regular business clientèle through their loyal and outstanding services. Their provision is consistently of a high standard which not only provides the company with great reviews but encourages their customers to use their company time and time again. In addition, they offer a very low cost hire of the cherry pickers. Their staff are very well informed about the machines and are always willing and available to answer any queries a client may have.

Health and Safety

Not only does the Smart Platform cherry picker hire company check the machines before they are sent out to ensure they are operating correctly and will not cause a risk to the health of their customers but they also offer training options for their customers. They provide IPAF certified training options to people that would like to develop their cherry picker operation skills and become certified operators. They sell a range of low priced safety accessories that can be purchased from their depot or website to ensure safety during operation. They often use offers as a promotion tool in which they offer some safety equipment free with a specific type of hire.

Cost of the Smart Platform Cherry Picker Hire

As previously mentioned, the cost of Smart Platform cherry picker hire is very low and affordable. The prices can be as low as £100 for daily hire. This price is based on a self-drive hire. Obviously there are many factors that influence the cost of the hire. The types of machines, time period and location can change the cost of the hire drastically. More information about the prices of Smart Platform cherry picker hire can be found on their website. People interested in hiring a cherry picker can request a free price quote.

Smart Platform Cherry Picker Hire Offers

The company have a range of offers to encourage people to use them with long term hires often having better offers. For example, if a person hires a cherry picker for a period of 12 months, they will also be offered training for up to six people that may be operating the machine. Not only does this promote health and safety but can be a major advantage for employers. This offer is usually aimed at companies and businesses that will have a lot of employees. Shorter term hire, such as 3 months will provide great discounted rates at the initiation of the hire. The Smart Platform cherry picker hire company is a great place to go if you are looking for a good deal.

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