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Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire is a company that has been in operation since 1987. This means the company has had a lot of time to develop and improve their machines to ensure they provide the best and most up to date cherry picker hire possible. The Spiderlift machine was originally developed by this company and the model has since been adopted by many other cherry picker hire companies in the UK.

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire Machines

The Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire company offer a range of cherry picker machines, allowing customers to select the machine that best fits their requirements. All of their machines are of the Teupen Leo range and include:
  • the Teupen Leo 13GT
  • the Teupen Leo 15GT
  • the Teupen Leo 18GT
  • the Teupen Leo 23GT
  • the Teupen Leo 25GT
  • the Teupen Leo 30GT
  • the Teupen Leo 36GT
  • the Teupen Leo 40GTX
  • the Teupen Leo 50GT
All of the machines have specific features. The features of each machine can be found out by contacting the company or looking on their website. The highest machine is the Teupen Leo 50GT which offers a working height of 50 metres and an outreach height of 20 metres. The Teupen Leo 13GT has the smallest height range.

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire Prices

The cost of the cherry pickers with the Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire Company can vary considerably depending on the type of machine, location and the amount of time you wish to hire a machine for. Spiderlift offer many deals and offers on cherry pickers so the best way to get a specific price and a great deal is to contact the company directly to identify the best deals for you.

The Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire company offer rental terms from day hire up to a five year hire. The longer you hire a machine for, the cheaper the cost will be.

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire Staff

Well trained and approachable staff can be of great assistance when selecting your machine. You will be assigned a member of staff to listen to your requirements and recommend a cherry picker that will suit your needs. They will try to find you the best deal and ensure you are happy with all aspects of the service. Often communicating with a worker in person will get you a better deal than shopping online.

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire Health and Safety

Health and safety is the number one priority for the Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire company and they take a number of precautions to ensure the safety of their work and their customers. All of their staff are fully trained and very experienced in the operation of cherry pickers. All of the works are IPAF Certified. In addition, the company offer courses on the operation and management of cherry pickers to ensure all of their customers are well trained to ensure no accidents occur. They also offer site inspections to identify areas that could cause any issues.

Spiderlift Cherry Picker Hire is an extremely reputable and reliable company that provide outstanding machines so if you are interested in hiring a machine they are the company to contact!

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