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Cherry Picker Licence

When researching a cherry picker hire, safety is of utmost importance. After all, safety is one of the reasons for deciding to use a cherry picker in the first place. If height can not be reached safely or equipment can not safely be moved about, a cherry picker can be an invaluable piece of specialised equipment.

To ensure that all safety standards are upheld, a cherry picker licence is essential for anyone operating a cherry picker. The number of days that the training encompasses is dependent on the type of cherry picker that you will be using.

Having a cherry picker licence means that you are physically fit and able to operate the cherry picker, and that you have no problems with seeing, high blood pressure, epilepsy, hearing, heart disease, fear of height, vertigo, or balance problems.

You will be instructed in the correct and safe way to operate various Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, or MEWP, You will be aware of the applicable health and safety regulations as well as accident prevention techniques and ways to maintain control.

The proper ways to ensure personnel protection will be covered and you will become familiar with the operating manual. Lastly, you will need to demonstrate the ability to drive the MEWP safely and correctly while carrying out tasks both inside the building as well as outside the building.

In order to properly and safely start off any day when operating a MEWP, you will need to perform daily maintenance as well as pre use equipment checks. These procedures ensure that the MEWP is in optimal operating condition and can perform the desired task satisfactorily and safely.

Each machine has specific operating instructions geared for just that MEWP. Learning the correct and safe method of the MEWP will be part of your cherry picker licence training. Minimum platform anchorage points for the MEWP will be identified.

Emergency procedures, including capacities and limitations, in order to ensure safe operation will be strenuously covered. In addition, fall protection and equipment, and their uses will be studied. Harness standards as well as lanyard types and the correct use and fitting of these safety apparatus will be covered. Fall arrest explanation, rescue procedures, and other current recommendations of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) will be addressed.

The PAL Card

All trainings should be provided by instructors experienced in safe MEWP operation as well as knowledgeable in the latest IPAF recommendations. Typically, a Power Access Licence (PAL) card is issued upon successful completion of training.

The PAL card has an expiry date of five years after the holder was assessed. It lists that date on the card as well as the MEWP that the holder has been trained to operate. Holders may be certified in three levels: operator, demonstrator, or instructor. The included security features are a holographic design, the holder's photograph, and signature.

The PAL card is recognised worldwide. Outside of the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the United States all have organisations that honor the PAL card.

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