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Cherry Picker Hire Quote

Determining which cherry picker is needed for your particular task is a key factor needed to provide an accurate cherry picker hire quote. By doing some research and assessing your needs, you can pinpoint which type of cherry picker will get the job done for you efficiently and safely.

If you are working on the side of a vertical building, a scissor boom could be the right choice. Scissor booms have a platform suitable for holding equipment such as paint cans and other supplies, and they can also get very close to a vertical building. Ergonomically correct controls enable you to move the scissor boom exactly where you need it.

When performing work such as pruning trees, however, a cherry picker with more manoeuverability will be a much better choice. Typically a van mounted cherry picker or a truck mounted cherry picker would be the preferred specialised equipment for this type of job. Dual controls mounted in both the bucket of the cherry picker and in the cab of the van or truck allow for maximum flexibility and safety on the job.

Because an aerial boom's lift is limited by the length of the truck or van onto which it is attached, if greater height is needed, an articulated boom lift can be used. An articulated boom allows for more flexibility in height because the arm is jointed.

Self propelled boom lifts make it safe and easy to work in areas that need to be accessed both vertically and horizontally. Combining vertical and horizontal reach, self propelled boom lifts can also be moved whilst the platform is raised. Work performed under bridges can be safely executed using a self propelled boom lift, for example.

The terrain where the job is located is a big factor in determining the type of cherry picker needed for a task. If the job is at a construction site, or there is lots of mud or dirt, a caterpillar track cherry picker will provide excellent traction while enabling workers to complete the job safely.

Many cherry pickers are available in both fuel and battery, and sometimes a combination of the two. Typically, if battery power is needed, a 110 volt power supply to the basket is supplied. This eliminates having to move more support equipment to the job site. The type of fuel required as well as extra equipment needed all affect the cherry picker hire quote you will obtain from the cherry picker hire service.

Another factor is the length of time that the cherry picker hire is needed. Typically, the longer that a cherry picker is needed, the lower the cost per day. If a certified operator is needed according to the type of cherry picker hire you desire, this will also affect the cherry picker hire quote.

If you are not sure what type of cherry picker is best for your particular task, it is best to provide as much detail in the quotation form if you fill one out via a cherry picker hire web site so that the company can recommend an appropriate cherry picker to you.

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