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Cherry Picker Hire Rates

Cherry Picker Hire Rates

Jobs that need to be completed while working at an elevated position can be very difficult to do. They involve the use of more than just your typical type of equipment like a ladder. While ladders are good for many different types of construction or home repair jobs, there are times when a ladder does not have the height or stability to help complete the job. For these types of jobs, a cherry picker is often used because they are able to reach high locations.

Cherry pickers are able to extend a platform up to the job site to allow the workers a more stable setting to finish the job. This piece of machinery was originally built to help pick the fruit off of the tress which is where it got its name from. They were quickly brought into the construction industry as a means of providing a safe and secure way for workers to complete work while at an elevated position. There are many hire companies that can let you use a cherry picker at very reasonable cherry picker hire rates.

Equipment for Your Project

When looking to use the services of a cherry picker hire, you must first consider which style of cherry picker you will need to use. The most important feature will be the height that the cherry picker is able to extend to. Before you look into the cherry picker hire rates you must determine how high you need to be able to go so that you can safely complete your project. Once you have this information you can call several different hire companies to see if they have the ideal cherry picker for you to use.

You will also need to have some idea about the ground that you will be running the cherry picker on. Is the land flat or bumpy, inside or outside? The answer to this will also determine the specific cherry picker that you need. A technician at the cherry picker hire company can review your project needs with you and help you select the cherry picker that will help you get your job done the fastest, easiest and safest way.

Cherry Picker Hire Rates

Cherry picker hire rates are based upon the type and size of the cherry picker that you need to hire. The larger cherry pickers will have higher cherry picker hire rates than the smaller ones. The specialty lifts like the all-terrain ones and the indoor ones will also cost a little bit more than the regular ones. Your rate will also depend on if you pick the cherry picker up at the hire company or if you would prefer to have it delivered to the worksite.

Hire companies will offer the cherry picker hire rates in several different time periods including hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. The rate you choose will depend upon the length of time you plan on using the cherry picker for. The longer the hire contract is for the cheaper the per hour rate will be. You also need to know if you have staff members who are qualified to operate a cherry picker or if you need to hire an operator in addition to the cherry picker.

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