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Safety Considerations When Using A Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers are specialised pieces of equipment designed to enable you, as well as any needed equipment, to reach great height. It is important, however, to be aware of the safety considerations when using a cherry picker. For the safety of everyone involved, keep the following safety considerations when using a cherry picker in mind when utilising the services of a cherry picker.
  • Is the cherry picker the right type for the task? Are the ground conditions consistent with the tyres of the cherry picker? Is the cherry picker able to reach the height needed for the task? Is the cherry picker also able to withstand the anticipated load of people and equipment?
  • Are the cherry picker inspections up to date? A thorough inspection performed at least every six months by a competent person is imperative and the minimum required. Ideally, however, the cherry picker should have daily checks and weekly inspections, depending on the work schedule.
  • Properly trained personnel need to perform the necessary inspections in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. These people should be knowledgeable in the maintenance and workings of that particular cherry picker. Paying particular attention to the needed lubrication of all parts as well as the electrical systems is crucial.
  • Ensure that the proper cherry picker hire was delivered to the job. Check, also, to ensure that the cherry picker is the adequate one for the task. Ground bearing conditions need to be taken into consideration.
  • All traffic should be removed from the area. These include people, other machinery, autos, and the like. Likewise, no part of the cherry picker should protrude into traffic. If this is not possible, the rerouting of traffic is necessary and all cherry picker work should stop until this can be accomplished.
  • Overhead obstacles and impediments should be noted and planned for. If the cherry picker can not safely be used with such obstacles, another cherry picker must be used or the task tackled in a different manner.
  • Have weather conditions, such as heavy rain, altered the ground conditions in such a way that will make the operation of the cherry picker unsafe?
  • Is there a rescue plan in effect in the event of a fall or cherry picker turn over? Do all people on the site know and understand what to do in the case of a fall or cherry picker turn over? Are rescue personnel on the site? If not, does everyone on the site know and understand how to summon rescuer personnel?
  • Each cherry picker will have its own distinct loading and unloading procedures and these must be followed precisely.
  • All operators must be thoroughly familiar with, and trained in, the proper operating procedures of the cherry picker being used.
The above recommendations are just a few of the necessary items to know about safety considerations when using a cherry picker. All operators should be thoroughly familiar with the cherry picker before undertaking any operations of it.

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