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Caterpillar Track Cherry Picker

Especially useful on construction sites due to its ability to successfully navigate a variety of uneven terrain with a reduced risk of turn over, caterpillar track cherry pickers are a highly specialised piece of necessary equipment.

Whether caterpillar track cherry pickers are outfitted with a bucket for transporting materials or a platform for lifting personnel to the required height, these machines are important at the construction site. They can be used to move dirt around or to set windows, for example.

At the construction site, caterpillar track cherry pickers are needed to move dirt or mud around. They are also important to use when scaffolding would otherwise be called for. For a small or quick task, instead of erecting scaffolding, a time consuming task itself, using caterpillar track cherry pickers outfitted with an aerial platform is a viable alternative.

Other Types of Cherry Pickers

Other types of cherry pickers can also be suitable for construction work. Truck mounted cherry pickers, for example, can be useful for securing power lines or cutting back trees. It is best, however, if these cherry pickers stay on solid and level ground to prevent them from getting stuck in mud or, worse, overturning in the uneven terrain.

Scissor lifts are invaluable pieces of specialised equipment that lend themselves to such tasks as painting, maintenance work, or changing light bulbs at height, especially when working on vertical surfaces The fact that scissor lifts are self propelled makes them particularly valuable in the industrial setting as well as the manufacturing setting.

Truck mounted cherry pickers are very manoeuvrable and are ideal for performing tasks involving phone wires or tree branches, among other uses. With an articulated arm that is jointed, many truck mounted cherry pickers exhibit an astonishingly long reach. Outriggers, or stabilisers, are often needed when truck mounted cherry pickers are fully extended although these cherry pickers tend to be very sturdy.

Van mounted cherry pickers offer a more compact design like a road towable cherry picker while retaining the manoeuvrability of a truck mounted cherry picker. Simple and safe to operate, van mounted cherry pickers often require no specialised training although it is always a wise idea to invest in a Powered Access Licence, or PAL, card. The van aspect of the van mounted cherry picker also allows for the convenient storage of necessary equipment and other apparatus.

Road towable cherry pickers combine the ultimate in portability with the reach and height needed to perform many tasks without investing in a more expensive design of cherry picker. Although the smallest of the cherry picker designs, road towable cherry pickers enable operators to take the safety and efficiency of an aerial platform almost anywhere.

Financing Options

A caterpillar track cherry picker hire is equipped with a certified and fully trained operator. To purchase one, however, and thus to save money in the long term, many companies offer attractive financing options in order for businesses to obtain this type of specialised equipment. By enquiring at the nearest cherry picker company, businesses will learn all of their options.

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