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Road Towable Cherry Picker

Although a road towable cherry picker is portable and able to be towed behind an auto, this does not mean that it is not up to meeting the challenges of great height. Available in a variety of designs, there is sure to be a road towable cherry picker available that will meet your need for height as well as portability

Available in scissor lift models that make it easy to perform maintenance work on stable, vertical surfaces or to paint on walls, a road towable cherry picker makes it easy to complete one task and quickly move on to the next task on the list.

Battery powered scissor lifts that are road towable are available. Models using diesel fuel and models using bi-fuel are also available. All models are relatively lightweight and easy to push into place.

Road towable cherry pickers are also available in models that allow for more rugged terrain. One such example is the spider model. This model is designed much like a spider with many stabilising and supporting legs to minimize the risk of turn over. Spiders can have a working height of up to 52 metres.

A spider model is ideal in places where tree work needs to be carried out, but the trees are inaccessible to a truck mounted cherry picker. A road towable cherry picker can be towed to the site, unhooked, and pushed to wherever it is needed. There is minimal disruption of the daily flow of activity and the terrain is largely undisturbed due to the relatively light weight of the cherry picker.

Road towable cherry pickers are able to be placed in small and narrower areas that are not easily assessable by other cherry pickers, even self propelled ones. This is because with a road towable cherry picker, by pushing and tugging, the cherry picker can be placed in the exact location where it is needed.

There are a number of companies that offer cherry picker hire. Due to the fact that no operator training is necessary, the road towable cherry picker is very popular. It is still important to read the manufacturers operation instructions. Additionally, there are precautions that should be taken since these cherry pickers are so light weight and portable.

The maximum weight limit allowed on the platform must be strictly observed. In addition, a daily check of all operating systems is crucial to ensure the safety of not only the operator, but the pedestrians nearby also. Any fluid leaks or unusual noises or jerky movements should be cause to not press that particular cherry picker into service on that date.

In addition, the regular maintenance schedule as set forth by the manufacturer's instructions must be followed in order to ensure that the cherry picker continues to operate correctly and at full efficiency. All safety recommendations such as wearing a harness as well as a short lanyard should be strictly observed. A daily check of the safety gear for any fraying or rubbing should also be performed.

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