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Scissor Lift

A scissor lift cherry picker is a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) that can usually only move vertically. The scissor lift is so named due to the linked and folding supports that are crossed in a scissor like pattern.

Ideal for working against a vertical surface such as a wall inside a building or outside of it as well, a scissor lift features a roomy platform for personnel and their necessary equipment. In addition, some scissor lifts have an extension that allows easier access to vertical surfaces due to the restrictions of the vertical movement.

The raising mechanism of a scissor lift is powered by hydraulics, mechanics, or pneumatics. A pneumatic powered or hydraulic powered scissor lift is preferred. This is because these systems offer an option to return the platform safely to ground level with the simple release of a manual valve.

Scissor lifts come in many different sizes and can reach a range of height to suit your needs. Many scissor lifts are also self propelled units. This makes them particularly adaptable and versatile whilst performing various tasks.

Equipped with dual, ergonomically correct controls located both at the platform level and at the ground level, a scissor lift provides the best in safety and convenience. Suitable for painting walls or changing light bulbs at height, a scissor lift is a must for every industrial and manufacturing facility.

Determining the need for a scissor lift means evaluating what tasks must be accomplished at height. If you are manoeuvring amongst tree branches, for example, a scissor lift is not going to give you sufficient side to side movement. For working in tight spaces, however, when a cherry picker with an extending arm would take up too much room, a scissor lift provides the height needed to get the job done.

Although a scissor lift can usually not reach height like some other cherry pickers, they are still able to get enough height to complete most tasks. In addition, scissor lifts tend to be lighter in weight due to the even distribution of the weight across the base in addition to not having to compensate for a heavy boom arm.

Safety with Scissor Lifts

Like with any cherry picker, safety is a primary concern. Although not usually required to have a certified operator, scissor lifts still require someone knowledgeable in its operations. Be sure that the person who operates the scissor lift has thorough knowledge of the instruction manual. Safety checks and inspections should always be performed prior to any work being performed.

Safety equipment such as harnesses and lanyards are a necessity since these cherry pickers can reach great height. Some practice runs using the scissor lift before actually performing any tasks is highly recommended.

In addition, a training session is highly recommended for the person that will be operating the scissor lift. This course will provide instruction in the proper maintenance, operations, and safety issues facing scissor lift operators. With a reputable training course, you can help to ensure the safety of all personnel in your company.

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