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Self Propelled Booms

Self propelled booms are truly versatile cherry pickers. These cherry pickers are available in a wide range of types suitable for both inside tasks and outside tasks. Suitable for those tasks that are hard to reach, and that require considerable outreach as well as height, some self propelled booms are made for narrow aisles. Others are rugged 4x4 models made to withstand harsh outside conditions.

Self propelled booms are available in diesel only configurations that are used outside only due to the unsafe diesel fumes. Electrically operated self propelled booms, on the other hand, are able to be used both inside and outside.

These cherry pickers are really vehicles that can move under their own power. Some of the larger self propelled booms are actually able to driven on the road much like an auto. By definition, any of the cherry pickers that can move under their own power are considered self propelled booms.

Some of these cherry pickers can be moved whilst the basket or platform is fully raised, although due to balance issues, the speed of the self propelled booms must remain minimal. In spite of this fact, because they can be moved whilst fully extended means that self propelled booms offer great flexibility over cherry pickers whose booms must be lowered before being pushed into place.

Some types of self propelled cherry pickers, however, can not be moved whilst fully extended. These include those self propelled booms that require secure outriggers. In addition, the ability to manoeuvre into tight spaces also makes this cherry picker very popular within a wide range of industries.

Scissor lifts are the most common self propelled booms that are able to move whilst in the fully extended position. Because these cherry pickers feature controls on the platform or at the bucket point as well as on the ground, they are known for their flexibility and safety. They are also valued for their extensive over reaching abilities.

Like all cherry pickers, self propelled booms require specialised training and knowledge in order to ensure that operation is safe and that the task is completed in a timely manner. Whether you purchase your cherry picker new or used, or hire one for a specific time period, it is important to enquire about the possibility of training.

If training is not an option, perhaps an operator that has already completed the training can be hired or whose services are included in the price should you choose to hire a self propelled boom.

At the very least, the person who will be operating the cherry picker should ask the sales team for an extensive explanation of the operation manual for the self propelled boom. Without the correct safety protocol being followed, the investment into the cherry picker could prove to be costly.

The operator also needs to perform daily checks of the cherry picker as well as comprehensive weekly inspections. These inspections ensure that problems with the self propelled boom are caught early and that there are no systems that are ready to fail.

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