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Truck Mounted Cherry Picker

A truck mounted cherry picker is a common sight throughout the United Kingdom. Popular when performing tasks that need height as well as manoeuvrability, a truck mounted cherry picker is a road ready truck or lorry.

A fire engine is a truck mounted cherry picker, only in a highly specialised form. Some cherry pickers are simply aerial platforms. These particular cherry pickers are limited by how long the boom can be due to the length of the truck. Articulated booms, on the other hand, have at least one joint, and many times more than one. This enables the arm to extend out to greater height.

The truck mounted cherry picker is a popular choice among many people who have the need for height. In spite of the mobility of a truck mounted cherry picker and the stability that they offer, this type of cherry picker is still typically used with outriggers, or stabilizers. This type of mobile elevated work platform, or MEWP, also tends to be among the largest available.

Although flexible and adaptable to a number of uses, not all tasks are best performed by a truck mounted cherry picker. If there is a need to paint walls, for example, a self propelled scissor lift might more appropriate in that case.

Similarly, if an extended height is needed as well as an extended reach, an under bridge type of cherry picker is better suited for that task. Whilst the truck mounted cherry picker is fully road ready much like an auto, its tyres are not made to provide the needed traction often necessary at construction sites and other off road areas. It is best that the truck mounted cherry picker limit its working conditions to hard surfaced roads or other firm surfaces to reduce the likelihood that it will get stuck.

If a cherry picker is needed for a construction site or other similar area that has rough terrain or lots of mud, a caterpillar track cherry picker will be better suited for that task. This is because of the caterpillar tracks that provide exceptional traction during adverse terrain tasks.

Truck mounted cherry pickers have a height range of about 17 metres to 70 metres and beyond that level as well. This wide range of height makes these pieces of specialised equipment very versatile.

Cherry pickers are specialised equipment designed to reach great height and make certain tasks safer and easier to accomplish. It is important, however, to be properly trained in the correct operation of the truck mounted cherry picker. When driving on the road, for example, a slower speed must be maintained when executing a turn as well as allowing much more room to make the turn.

Cherry picker operators should be very familiar with instruction manual of the equipment that they are operating in order to be able to safely perform needed daily checks and weekly inspections. These inspections should include a maintenance schedule and checking all systems for leaks or any other problems.

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