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Types of Cherry Pickers

Under bridge cherry pickers have exceptional under reach capabilities as well as exceptional inward reach capabilities to enable maintenance work to be performed safely and thoroughly. Designed to be able to reach the underside of bridges, this cherry picker is mounted on a truck to enable driving whilst the lift is extended. This makes it easy and safe to complete bridge repair and maintenance work.

These cherry pickers are a truly unique and specialised piece of equipment. Because the work these under bridge cherry pickers perform can be difficult, two operators are always needed. One operator stays in the cab of the truck and is in constant contact with the second operator who is in the bucket.

Dual controls make under bridge cherry pickers safe for all concerned. Controls are located in the cab of the truck and in the bucket itself. Both operators are in constant contact so that safety is ensured at all times. In addition, both operators are highly trained and experienced with many years of previous bridge inspection work.

There are a variety of arms and attachments that are available depending on which type of bridge repair, inspection, or maintenance is needed. Most under bridge cherry pickers are equipped with hydraulics to ensure the maximum safety for the workers as well as any people, autos, or the like nearby.

Before the cherry pickers are dispatched out for the day, a thorough inspection and check is executed. This inspection includes checking fluids, hoses, and systems to ensure that all is in working order. Maintenance is performed at regularly scheduled intervals in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions.

Additionally, the operators of the under bridge cherry pickers undergo a strenuous and thorough testing designed to familiarise them with this highly specialised piece of equipment. Operators must learn how to perform the necessary safety inspection and vehicle check as well as the safety procedures to follow. The safety procedures include both preventative measures as well as those measures that must be completed in the event of an accident.

The operator in the bucket must wear safety apparatus such as a harness and lanyard or other recommended safety gear at all times during the under bridge cherry pickers operations. In addition, clear communication is necessary between the two members of this cherry picker team. The ability to perform the necessary task safely and efficiently depends on the two operators' ability to communication with each other.

Private hire of an under bridge cherry picker includes the mandatory inclusion of the two highly trained, highly qualified operators. This inclusion ensures the safety of all involved as well as ensures the proper handling of the under bridge cherry picker. Operators are all Powered Access Licence (PAL) card holders and graduates of International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) approved courses for cherry picker operators.

Seeing this highly specialised piece of equipment in action with the two highly trained operators performing the tasks safely and efficiently is a modern day marvel of engineering and precision.

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