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Van Mounted Cherry Picker

A van mounted cherry picker is a very versatile piece of specialised equipment. Combining a long vertical reach with a compact boom design that fits atop the van, this cherry picker is a favourite amongst lighting crews, telecommunication companies, and security forces. It is able to be moved easily from site to site ensuring that all assigned tasks can be completed in a timely manner by personnel.

Requiring no special training to operate, the van mounted cherry picker is ideal for a long term hire or short term, day by day, or weekly hire as well. Familiarity with the manufacturers' operational manual is designed to provide information about the operations of the bucket. The simple, straight forward bucket controls, however, make using this cherry picker safe.

When enquiring about a van mounted cherry picker hire, there are operator options available or self drive options. Each option offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Tasks are able to be completed easily and quickly. By following simple safety rules such as harness wearing and lanyard wearing, tasks can also be completed safely.

Compared to many of the truck mounted cherry pickers, van mounted cherry pickers are smaller with a shorter reach. This type of cherry picker has incredible manoeuvrability, however. When reaching power lines or removing tree branches, the van mounted cherry picker is the ideal piece of specialised equipment to perform the task.

If tasks will continuously require access to height, the investment of a van mounted cherry picker could be a smart business decision. Although requiring a large outlay of money at one time, many companies that sell cherry pickers offer attractive options to finance the sale of their specialised equipment.

Instead of hiring a cherry picker for a long term, it might make better financial sense to purchase either a new or used van mounted cherry picker. This is particularly true if the business will tend to continue to require access to height. The long term savings of purchasing a new or used cherry picker will garner much savings compared to the continued hire of such a specialised vehicle.

Although a versatile cherry picker, a van mounted cherry picker has shorter extension compared to some other cherry pickers such as scissor lifts. Another worthy note is that the terrain that the van mounted cherry picker can successfully navigate is more limited than some other cherry pickers such as caterpillar track cherry pickers.

Because a van mounted cherry picker is often an aerial lift, it is much more manoeuvrable on the road than many of the articulated truck mounted cherry pickers. Van mounted cherry pickers do not require extra wide turns or other accommodations although noticeably decreasing the speed while executing a turn will ensure that each turn is a success.

The van mounted cherry picker is an ideal choice for those operators that need height as well as a place to store and transport equipment. The covered van area offers a secure and weather resistant location for all necessary equipment.

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